Very active at the time, the Auckland Association tried to garner support from the Association of Otago, Canterbury and Wellington in proposing the formation of a New Zealand Association. Although there was a strong desire for this to happen, changes of personnel in Auckland delayed any action and the initiative never got off the ground.


The first official representative match was staged in Wellington and featured Wellington and Canterbury. Wellington won 24-10.


In a watershed year, the establishment of the New Zealand Basketball Association including election of officers, venue of annual meetings, colours of national team (black with a silver fern emblem), voting power and affiliation fees came to fruition. It was decided to hold a Dominion Tournament annually from 1926. One of the most pressing issues was the need for a national code of rules to be formulated and a decision made on the number of players in a team.


At the first annual meeting, held in Wellington, the constitution was drafted and the playing rules of the Otago Basketball Association, with some amendments, were adopted.


The Dominion Tournament became the New Zealand Tournament, the inaugural event being played in April, in Dunedin with teams representing Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, North Otago and Southland. Auckland won the New Zealand Cup, presented by an anonymous donor, with Wellington finishing second.


From 183 teams the previous year, numbers jumped to 269 boosted by Hawke's Bay and Ashburton becoming affiliated to the New Zealand Basketball Association (NZBA).


The annual Council meeting agreed on fees being payable according to the number of teams per association. Taranaki and Poverty Bay become affiliated.


The New Zealand Tournament was played in Christchurch on the grass courts at Hagley Park. In a new initiative, it was decided that Presidents of affiliated Associations become vice-presidents of the NZBA.